Friday, December 19, 2008

Cisco "Setup Express"

Newer Cisco "pizza box" switches (3560/3750 and others) have a MODE button on the front of them that is used for both the password-recovery feature, as well as the "setup express" feature.


I would recommend disabling the setup express feature(no setup express in configure mode) as it really provides NO benefit in my eyes. It does not affect the password recovery feature(unless you are super paranoid, disabling password recovery can be disastrous).

My argument is that while a switch is powered on, there should not be this easy to essentially reboot the switch with a blank config, with the only way to remedy is renaming files via console cable. This can have one nosy user/janitor take down your switch until you can run out there with a laptop.


  1. I have a 3550 switch and I want to disable setup express, which make the mode bottom unusable. My question is if I disable setup express to make the switch more physical secure, can I still perform a password recovery if necessary. If so, how?

    I tried to get into ROMMON mode by hitting Ctrl + Break through a SecureCRT console connection, but it booted normally every time.

    Any assistance you can provide is appreciated

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